News Coverage

PrivateCore: Emerging Vendor 2014
July 22, 2014
PrivateCore named as Emerging Security Vendor 2014 by CRN.


Is There A Puppet In Your OpenStack? 
May 19, 2014
PrivateCore vCage Manager combines with Puppet Razor to enable trusted Puppet Enterprise deployments.

Hypervisors are the pillars of the Cloud, not the Achilles Heel
April 1, 2014
A column written by Simon Crosby (CTO of Bromium) highlighting how PrivateCore vCage improves the security of cloud infrastructure including hypervisors and server hardware.

How to lock down data in use — and in the cloud
March 12, 2014
PrivateCore vCage Host can help government agencies secure data in use (memory) while vCage Manager helps validate the integrity of OpenStack clouds.

Scientist-devised crypto attack could one day steal secret Bitcoin keys
March 6, 2014
PrivateCore comments on feasibility of side-channel attacks that could impact Bitcoins.

Product Review: PrivateCore vCage 
March 3, 2014
SC Magazine “First Look” review of PrivateCore vCage highlights software-based attestation, full-memory encryption and OS hardening.

OpenStack Server Down?  PrivateCore Introduces vCage 
February 11, 2014
PrivateCore announced general availability for vCage software, free trial for vCage Manager.

6 Cloud Upstarts To Watch
January 2, 2014
PrivateCore is named an upstart cloud company to watch in 2014 by InformationWeek.

Five cloud computing security concerns and the products tackling them
December 16, 2013
PrivateCore vCage helps enterprises and service address multi-tenancy risks.

The 10 Coolest Security Startups Of 2013
December 12, 2013
PrivateCore is named one of CRN’s 10 cool security startups for 2013.

CPU: The New Security Perimeter
December 9, 2013
PrivateCore’s Steve Weis explains how the CPU provides the basis for the new information technology (IT) security perimeter.

Research Into BIOS Attacks Underscores Their Danger
November 14, 2013
PrivateCore comments on the rumored BadBIOS malware and security issues surrounding firmware and IT supply chain compromises.


Security startups are booming so why is enterprise security getting worse?
November 14, 2013
PrivateCore highlights technologies enabling enterprises to deploy sensitive data into the public cloud while retaining tight security owned by the enterprise.


12 hot security start-ups to watch
November 13, 2013
PrivateCore named by NetworkWorld Magazine on their “12 hot security startups to watch” list of information security innovators.


13 Hot Security Startups to Watch
November 13, 2013
PrivateCore named by eSecurity Planet as one of the 13 emerging Hot Security Startups to Watch.

Embedded Device Flaws Underscore Infrastructure Vulnerability
November 13, 2013
PrivateCore comments on implications of server Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) vulnerability found in thousands of internet-connected x86 servers.

PRISM-Proof solution for the public cloud: Security salvation or snake oil?
October 28, 2013
Computerworld blog commentary surrounding hardware backdoors, protecting server memory and the ability to protect against lawful interception of server data in the cloud.


NSA’s Own Hardware Backdoors May Still Be a “Problem from Hell”
October 8, 2013
PrivateCore comments on ways of countering compromised hardware components, a topic brought to light by recent news surrounding the US National Security Agency and hardware backdoors.


PrivateCore claims top CloudBeat early-stage startup honors
September 10, 2013
PrivateCore won the CloudBeat 2013 Innovation Showdown competition for the best early-stage cloud startup.


NSA Leak Leaves Crypto-Math Intact but Highlights Known Workarounds
September 9, 2013
PrivateCore comments on implications of the news that the NSA had circumvented some encryption implementations.


NSA Breaks Data Encryption, Tech Firms Break Trust
September 7, 2013
PrivateCore highlights the strength of security provided by cryptography along with implications of the news that the NSA may have compromised some encryption implementations.


Encryption still best way to protect data — despite NSA
September 6, 2013
PrivateCore comments on revelations around NSA compromising some encryption and the continued strength and robustness of cryptography to secure sensitive data.


NSA Surveillance: Is There Any Way to Keep Web Communications Private?
September 6, 2013
PrivateCore highlights the need to secure the IT supply chain, ensuring system integrity and minimizing the possibility of so that it does not compromise sensitive server data.


In wake of NSA encryption revelation, is privacy an illusion?
September 6, 2013
Following the disclosure of NSA documents by Edward Snowden, PrivateCore highlights that data privacy is still achievable.


Server-side encryption comes to Google Cloud Storage
August 20, 2013
PrivateCore highlights that encrypted cloud data is at risk when encryption keys are stored “in the clear” in memory.


NSA revelations a mixed bag for private clouds
August 14, 2013
PrivateCore comments on security implications for private clouds in the aftermath of information about the NSA Prism program released by Edward Snowden.


Cloud Trust or bust
August 7, 2013
PrivateCore highlights the issue of server infrastructure security in the cloud along with various ways that such infrastructure can be compromised by anyone or anything with physical access to a server.


Inside-Out Attacks: How Malicious Hardware can Siphon Your Data
July 2013
PrivateCore’s Todd Thiemann explains how malicious hardware in the IT supply chain can put sensitive data at risk of compromise.  


Is data safer in the cloud? 
July 29, 2013
PrivateCore highlights trade-offs with different approaches to encrypting sensitive data in the cloud and explains the need to also consider securing data-in-use.


Top IaaS Security Requirements To Consider
July 22, 2013
PrivateCore comments on the need to secure sensitive data in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environments with encryption including data-in-use.


Microsoft Wants to Come Clean About PRISM
July 17, 2013
PrivateCore describes how lawful requests for information such as those highlighted by the NSA PRISM program can force cloud service providers to hand over information including data in memory that can be used to decrypt data-at-rest. 


Data encryption in the cloud is not enough to keep the feds from eying your data if they want to
July 16, 2013
PrivateCore’s Steve Weis highlights cloud service provider and enterprise security issues in the wake of news around the NSA Prism program, particularly where cloud service providers could provide authorities with memory snapshots containing clear text encryption keys that can decrypt data-at-rest without the knowledge of the enterprise data owner. 


Start-ups lean hard on CPU-based security technology to protect virtual environments
July 15, 2013
PrivateCore co-founders Oded Horovitz and Steve Weis comment on the trend towards CPU-based security. 


Encryption no protection from government surveillance
July 15, 2013
In light of NSA Prism requests for information from Microsoft, PrivateCore highlights encryption technologies that enable enterprises to secure their data and ensure that the enterprises controls it’s sensitive information in the face of lawful and unlawful attempts to access such data. 


NSA Data Collection Worrisome For Global Firms
July 13, 2013
PrivateCore comments on the data privacy implications of US National Security Agency (NSA) data collection for global firms with operations spread among many countries. 


Microsoft Helped NSA Bypass Cloud Encryption: Report
July 13, 2013
PrivateCore highlights the enterprise data privacy implications of Microsoft providing customer information to the NSA, and the need for enterprises to encrypt their data in use and at rest while directly controlling the encryption keys. 


Why Data Encryption Might Not Always Help
July 9, 2013
PrivateCore highlights the need to encrypt memory to minimize vulnerabilities and complement securing sensitive data in storage.


Encryption Merits Can Be Exaggerated
July 8, 2013
PrivateCore comments on the need to augment data-at-rest encryption with data-in-use encryption to protect sensitive data against unlawful compromise as well as for lawful requests to access to enterprise data. 


Spy-proof enterprise encryption is possible, but daunting
June 13, 2013
PrivateCore comments on enterprise and cloud data security issues following disclosure of the NSA Prism program.   


6 sizzling security startups at RSA 2013
February 28, 2013
PrivateCore named as one of the six sizzling startups found at RSA Conference 2013. 


The Physical Security Factor with Cloud Providers
January 31, 2013
PrivateCore comments on the issue of physical security that continues to concern cloud service providers and their customers. 


PrivateCore nominated as 2013 RSA Innovation Sandbox finalist
January 29, 2013
PrivateCore is named as a finalist in the prestigious RSA Innovation Sandbox contest. 


Black Hat, Defcon Security Horror Stories Show Enterprise Vulnerabilities
CIO - September 12, 2012
PrivateCore highlights the issue of maintaining physical security for sensitive data in a virtualizing world. 


PrivateCore has built a private computing platform that gives users a high level of data security, online or offline
June 25, 2012
PrivateCore’s Oded Horovitz highlights PrivateCore vCage’s ability to provide a private computing platform enabling enterprises to secure sensitive data in hosted or outsourced locations. 


PrivateCore: Another Virtualization-Enabled Security Solution Launches
June 21, 2012
Rational Survivability blog comments on PrivateCore funding and highlights company focus. 


PrivateCore Nets 2.25M to build a hardened hypervisor
June 6, 2012
PrivateCore secures seed round funding from Foundation Capital.