Solution Overview

Securing Outsourced Compute Infrastructure

privatecore-cloud-confidenceCompute infrastructure in remote locations such as branch offices, co-location facilities and in the cloud typically resides in relatively insecure environments that are vulnerable to tampering.  Physical access to servers allows data to be accessed through relatively simple attack vectors.  Servers in remote locations are touched by a variety of people including service providers, administrators, contractors, suppliers, and government agencies. Unauthorized physical access to servers can result in unauthorized data access with the consequence of compromised intellectual property, damaged reputations, breach reporting costs and lost revenues. Data can also be compromised without your knowledge as a service provider responds to lawful government requests for data.

The vCage Solution

Through innovative advancements in virtualization and cryptography, PrivateCore can virtualize physical security and protect data-in-use. PrivateCore vCage software transparently protects any application while in use on commodity x86 servers, combining the security of on-premise with the flexibility of the cloud. For the first time, enterprises and cloud service providers can securely and verifiably execute applications on servers outside their physical control.