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More About PrivateCore

About PrivateCore

PrivateCore is a venture-backed company delivering an industry first: the ability to protect OpenStack environments by validating the integrity of x86 servers to protect against persistent malware combined with hardening the underlying operating system, and encrypting memory. Validating the integrity of OpenStack servers, also referred to as “attesting” and “attestation”, enables organizations to create trusted computing pools of valid servers. Data in use, which is stored in random access memory, can contain a wealth of sensitive data including encryption keys, certificates, and valuable intellectual property. The compromise of such information can result in significant business damage in the form of reduced revenues, increased costs and diminished reputations. PrivateCore’s unique technology for server memory encryption enables enterprises to ensure the integrity of remote hardware systems and protect against data loss.

Transformative PrivateCore Technology

PrivateCore’s vCage software provides trusted computing for OpenStack environments by attesting the integrity of OpenStack servers as well as creating a “virtual cage” around sensitive data by transparently encrypting memory and protecting any virtual machine while in use on commodity x86 servers. PrivateCore’s software technology is transparent to existing environments and avoids any application or storage changes. vCage Manager software manages the attestation process for OpenStack servers while vCage Host software hardens and encrypts the server host software. By encrypting data in use during program execution, vCage’s software-only, full-memory encryption protects data from unauthorized physical access and malicious hardware devices. PrivateCore supports Intel® TXT technology to validate server integrity and protects against threats including bootkits, direct memory access (DMA) attacks and cold boot attacks that attempt to freeze memory. vCage’s data in use memory encryption bridges the gap between data at rest and data in transit encryption, making it safe to run any virtual machine, anywhere and on demand.

Unique PrivateCore vCage Solutions

PrivateCore vCage and its memory encryption technology provide enterprises with the groundbreaking ability to protect sensitive data in outsourced environments. vCage memory encryption software can be deployed in a variety of environments including: